Go Eat Bomb io

Go! Eat! Bomb! is a .io game that lets you play as a fish monster that needs to eat others in order to grow. Start by eating cats or objects to grow bigger. Then, you can eat other smaller players. You need to open your mouth occasionally because if not you are going to explode! Pay attention to the eyes’ color and the explode indicator on the left side. Buy various upgrades, such as a jet pack and better teeth. Can you compete with the other players and make it to the top 10? Have fun! You can play the mobile versions as well.

Play Go Eat bomb io game at iogamez.com. Goeatbombio is a great multiplayer fish monster game who is eating other to grow big. Just grow bigger by eating cats and other objects on the map and then eat other smaller player. You must open your mouth occasionally other wise you will explode. Notice eyes color and the indicator on the left side. You can buy upgrades and to play game well. Have fun.
Monster controls
Use your mouse to move
Hold left click to open mouth
1 to 5 key to use owned items